LOGLINE: Two young women, a modern day Bonnie and Clyde (Cluaidh), and a simple-minded
man (Smoke) embark on a crime spree through the southwestern United States while sharing their
offenses on social media.

“Chalupa”, a Michael Merino film, tentatively starring Danny Trejo, has begun film funding.

The American Southwest holds an allure for moviegoers worldwide. It’s both beautiful and dangerous. It holds a special
place in the crime-adventure genre. Classic films like VANISHING POINT, the despair of BONNIE AND CLYDE, and the
intensity of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.
All the elements that make the American Southwest a place filled with amazing sunsets, starry nights, rattlesnakes and
coyotes…where the most dangerous creature is Man.
Writer-Director Michael Merino has written a script that is tense and fast-paced with colorful and exotic characters that
pop from the page. Locations both familiar and alien to New Mexico natives, towns long forgotten and so distant they
seem otherworldly. We’ve combined all these elements to create a story that is exciting, timely, and tense. Crime is
brewing, blood will spill, and a select few may die. CHALUPA

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